A tool for loading, graphing, and saving log files from an USB-enabled GammaScout geiger counter

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A simple way to connect to your Gamma Scout Geiger counter

A cross-platform application that features an intuitive interface that lets you:

  • Graph historical data
  • Set the device time
  • Save data to CSV format
  • Save PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, and PDF images of your graph.
  • Use logarithmic or linear scale
  • Show counts per minute or micro Sievert per hour
  • Erase device memory
  • See the amount of device memory used
  • Zoom with mouse wheel
  • Ctrl+drag to pan


OpenGammTool screenshot

Simple installation

Just download the latest release, put it anywhere and double-click it.
(You must have Java installed on your computer.)


Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Authors and Contributors

Written by Erik Berglund (@erikjber) using the protocol documents by Johannes Bauer.
Protocol version 1 support by Benjamin Renz

Support or Contact

Having problems? Please file a bug report!

Gamma Scout

Gamma Scout Geiger counters are available from their website.